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Please telephone the school before 9.30am if your child is absent.

Forms are available from the school office for planned absences.

If your child has to leave school during the day a parent or carer must sign the signing out book.

Please call at the school office to complete the process: it is important that the office staff know if your child is on or off the premises. If a child returns to school during the day, they must be signed in.

Children’s education can easily be seriously disrupted and parents should consider very carefully before taking their child out of school for a holiday.

The headteacher is not permitted to authorise holidays taken in term time. The school has adopted the Local Authority’s published policy. In accordance with the policy, parents may be fined by the Local Authority if there is persistent absence or time is taken for holidays during term time. Please contact the school office for more information.

Absences which are excessive or cannot be adequately explained will be reported to the Education Welfare Service, who will take appropriate action, since attendance at school is a legal obligation.

Holidays in term time

Please consider the following:

While you are away for 1 week your child will miss approximately:

  • 5hours of maths
  • 5 hours of literacy
  • 10 hours of science, religious education, music, art, physical education, geography, history, design & technology and information technology

If your child has a holiday of 2 weeks during term time and has a 1 week period of sickness in one school year they will miss:

  • 15 hours of literacy
  • 15 hours of maths
  • 30 hours of learning other subjects

If this pattern were to be repeated throughout your child’s school life they would miss 36 weeks of their education!

One School Year = 39 school weeks!

Ask yourself – Can my child keep up with other children if they miss out on 60 hours of education a year?

Thinking of taking a holiday in term time? Please think again!

If a holiday in term time is unavoidable, please request this in writing to the headteacher. Please be aware that all holidays in term time will be considered unauthorised. This means that in the school register it will show your child as having an unauthorised absence, which will affect their attendance results.

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‘Westcott is a lovely school. I feel like my children have really progressed whilst being here.’

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‘My child has progressed very well and is always happy when leaving school and ready to start the next day.’

Parent testimonials

‘I like that both my children are supported and happy in school. Its great that I am able to speak with teachers and time is always made for parents.’

Parent testimonials

‘The choice of after school and lunchtime activities is great. The reward assemblies are also a great idea.’

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‘I like the Westcott Award Assemblies not just for the children’s sake but I like to come in and see them showcase their achievements. Its great to see them looking proud and happy.’

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‘The school always provides up to date information about what the children have been doing on Twitter.’

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‘Approachability of teachers and support staff is great, I’ve never felt that I’ve been too much trouble when needing to speak to staff.’

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‘It is a well kept school with a calm and positive environment for the children to learn in. Always looking for ways to improve.’

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