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Term dates

School year 2017-2018

Autumn 2017Spring 2018Summer 2018
OpenWed 6th SeptemberTue 9th JanuaryTue 10th April
Close half termFri 27th OctoberFri 9th FebruaryFri 25th May
OpenMon 6th November Mon 19th FebruaryMon 4th June
End of termFri 22nd DecemberFri 23rd MarchFri 20th July

School year 2018-2019

Autumn 2018Spring 2019Summer 2019
OpenMon 3rd SeptemberMon 7th JanuaryTue 23rd April
Close half termFri 26th OctoberFri 15th FebruaryFri 24th May
OpenMon 5th November Mon 25th FebruaryMon 3rd June
End of termFri 21st DecemberFri 5th AprilTue 23rd July

may, 2018

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‘Westcott is a lovely school. I feel like my children have really progressed whilst being here.’

Parent testimonials

‘My child has progressed very well and is always happy when leaving school and ready to start the next day.’

Parent testimonials

‘I like that both my children are supported and happy in school. Its great that I am able to speak with teachers and time is always made for parents.’

Parent testimonials

‘The choice of after school and lunchtime activities is great. The reward assemblies are also a great idea.’

Parent testimonials

‘I like the Westcott Award Assemblies not just for the children’s sake but I like to come in and see them showcase their achievements. Its great to see them looking proud and happy.’

Parent testimonials

‘The school always provides up to date information about what the children have been doing on Twitter.’

Parent testimonials

‘Approachability of teachers and support staff is great, I’ve never felt that I’ve been too much trouble when needing to speak to staff.’

Parent testimonials

‘It is a well kept school with a calm and positive environment for the children to learn in. Always looking for ways to improve.’

Parent testimonials