The School Day

Below are details of our school day:

We have made some adaptations to our school day to ensure distancing and safety. We are operating a staggered drop off and collection from different entrances around the site.

  • Acorn Class Drop off 8.45 am

    Acorn Class Pick Up 3.30pm

    Acorn Class use the gate to the annexe playground

  • Willow Class Drop Off 8.50am

    Willow Class Pick Up 3.25pm

    Willow Class use the horses’ field gate

  • Chestnut Class Drop Off 8.45am

    Chestnut Class Pick Up 3.15pm

    Chestnut Class use the horses’ field gate

  • Cherry Class Drop Off 8.45am

    Cherry Class Pick Up 3.15pm

    Cherry Class use the side gate in the car park

  • Ash Class Drop Off 8.55am

    Ash Class Pick Up 3.25pm

    Ash class use the side gate in the car park

  • Oak Class Drop off 9.00am

    Oak Class Pick Up 3.30pm

    Oak Class use the front entrance to the school

october, 2021

‘Well done to you all and thank you for enhancing my child’s life every day.’

Parent testimonials

‘I love the fact that staff know each individual child in the school.’

Parent testimonials

‘It has been a joy to see my child take great happiness from her first year at school and to see how she is thriving.'

Parent testimonials

'I am so thankful to you all for giving my child such a wonderful experience which she will remember always.’

Parent testimonials

‘The children’s enthusiasm, participation skills and fantastic attitude shone out and their behaviour was exemplary.’

Parent testimonials

‘Thank you for all the hard work and effort. My child has had a wonderful start to his education.'

Parent testimonials

'The school and staff are amazing – you’ve got a lovely team!’

Parent testimonials

‘What a pleasure it was to come to such a warm and inviting environment.’

Parent testimonials

‘Our boys have such great memories of Leconfield Primary School and these will last a lifetime.’

Parent testimonials

‘I have always felt able to talk to you about any worries I have had regarding my children knowing that you would understand and do what you could. This means more than you will know.’

Parent testimonials

‘Thank you for being so supportive. We will never forget all the great teachers and special memories we have of Leconfield. You have been amazing!’

Parent testimonials

‘Thank you to all involved with my child. He has had a great time and can finally leave a school with good memories.’

Parent testimonials